About Us

CareerPro Occupational Express

is a locally owned and operated business that concentrates its efforts around the field of occupational health services such as; drug and alcohol testing, physicals, vaccinations and background checks; just to name a few.They are the premier administrator of substance abuse testing. Collectively they have over 24 years of professional experience with employee screening and substance abuse testing. CareerPro Occupational Express provides over 25,000 screens a year and have established a long standing excellent reputation in the Memphis metropolitan area. CareerPro Occupational Express takes pride in helping companies launch a drug free workplace. Their Assistant Medical Director will help you to develop a drug free workplace program or help you improve your current testing protocols. CareerPro Occupational Express works closely with their clients to establish a program that effectively satisfies their employee screening and testing. No matter what solutions are chosen – all are backed back their extensive support, knowledge and expertise.

Our History

CareerPro Occupational Express

utilize the services of SAMSHA certified laboratories and have proudly worked hard through the years to establish a “five star” rating in the drug testing community. The staff are DOT certified collectors and breath alcohol technicians and draws knowledge from Medical Laboratory Technician and Nursing fields. All collectors are certified under 49 CFR Part 40 to meet Federal and HHS requirements as well as the companies’ individual policies to meet all necessary compliances and objectives.

At CareerPro they understand the importance of managing a safe work environment effectively to control your costs and keep employees happy and productive. CareerPro Occupational Express partners with your company to ensure you provide the highest standards of health and safety at the workplace. CareerPro Occupational Express is available 24 hours a day for any onsite and work related services.

“CareerPro Occupational Express is conveniently located in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee in the Apple Tree Center just off the Bill Morris Parkway and in West Memphis, Arkansas.”