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What is a biometric screening?

Despite its fancy names, it’s really just a mini-physical, often done at your place of employment, by a nurse or healthcare technician. The screening measures some basic physical characteristics like your height and weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as several other health indicators.

These numbers provide an overall snapshot of your well being.

Why is this screening important?

Knowing your key numbers (and whether they could use some improvement) will give you the motivation you need to develop healthier habits – so you can live your best life.

What Does the screen test for?

Body mass index (BMI)

Blood pressure

Cholesterol/lipid panels


Complete Blood Count (CBC)

How does this benefit me as an employer?

Research shows that biometric health screenings can reduce health plan costs by identifying risk factors and at-risk employees that need medical attention. These assessments provide employers with important information that helps to shape the direction of their internal health and wellness initiatives.

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